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1 x Magnetic System

A magnetic hanging system, suitable for magnetic mounting to things like radiators etc.

Caught in the rain again! Arriving at work on a wet morning is no fun, but putting it all back on cold and wet is so much worse.

Dry wet kit in an effective way by magnetically mounting it to a radiator or near suitable air circulation. Neat, tidy and space efficient, multiple people can dry all their kit on a single radiator using Kitnetik magnetic systems.  

Also suitable for keeping homes tidy and organised from drying sports kit. It can even be stored in a wardrobe with all the dried kit still attached, so it’s ready to go on Monday morning. 


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Product construction

Kitnetik products are high quality UK made, using powder coated aluminium and stainless steel fasteners. Two powerful magnets allow the unit to mount to radiators or similar.

Product features

The following video explains many of the product features:

With spaces for shoes, socks, tops, shorts, tights, four hooks and some horizontal sections it’s got most things covered. Shoe covers, sports bras, heart rate straps (without the electronics on a radiator), yeah it’s got spaces for pretty much everything.

Additional information

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Dimensions 44 × 33 × 4 cm

15 reviews for Kitnetik – Magnetic System

  1. Jamie Copeland

    I love it! Perfectly fits my lifestyle and fills a significant need in my post-gym life. My partner loves the fact that my clothes aren’t hanging from the doorknobs anymore. Great product – thanks!

  2. Mike Thomson

    Have bought a Kitnetik for my wife for Xmas, and one for me too. A simply elegant product, well executed, and resolves the finding kit problem, thus removing my usual excuse and making it much more likely I’ll stick to my goal of regular exercise. Good service and great communications from Tim too. Highly recommended.

  3. Nigel Smith

    I bought this to store my kit at work. Such a great idea! The magnets are super strong and hold the hanger securely on the radiator even when fully loaded so if I got soaked on the morning commute, my kits all dry and warm for the evening ride home. Fantastic product!

  4. Laurent

    Received yesterday. Looks like a good product. Not yet tested, but very confident it will do the job very well!

  5. Simon Willis

    We all know the moment. You come in from a ride and, although the shorts/tights must go in the wash, most kit will be fine once its dry. So you turn the house into a laundry, adorning every radiator with a glove, shoe, jacket, snood, hat… you get the idea. If that sounds even remotely like you, then you NEED one of these. It is quite simply brilliant.

  6. Daniel

    It’s a good sturdy piece of kit, and easy to fit together once I worked out which way up bits went compared to the instruction diagrams 😉 Hangs on my radiator and I can fit bib shorts, gloves, jersey, and either shoes or overshoes on it. The only thing is that if there had been *another* hangar I could have fitted both my jersey and my base layer on it at the same time, or my jersey and waterproof jacket, which I can’t do currently. I imagine if that had been done there would be a weight issue with the magnets however.

    • tim

      Hi Daniel, to fit your base layer and rain jacket on as well you could use the following ideas: Hook the base layer from its collar using both internal hooks located behind the main hanger. Or use the top of the main hanger (just above the printed logo) like a hook to hang the base layer or jacket. Or flip the hanging hook (the bit on the strap) forwards and hang things from that. Alternatively you could hang your shorts from their hips using the side hooks (legs and shoulder straps hang down), this would leave the horizontal bar for a base layer. We have not set a weight limit for the unit as the style of radiator and the distribution of the weight (it will hold more below the magnets than above them) so you will need to find what works for your kit and radiator type. See the video in the info section for more hanging ideas.

  7. brett gatward

    I like being organised with all my kit. Ordered one to see how good it was and instantly ordered a second! I’ve now got one at home and work. No more wet kit thanks to the strong radiator magnets and all my kit is in one place stored away neatly.

  8. Anonymous

    Can only fit one t-shirt on and one jacket due to structure of rear hanger. Not ideal for winter when it is necessary to wear more than 1 t-shirt

  9. Richard H.

    Great for storing and airing items in one place when not requiring drying ( magnetic version using hook)

  10. Natalie Harrison

    Perfect product to make my life easier. All my husband’s cycling gear goes straight from the machine on to the Kitnetik to dry and then it is all in one place when he next needs it. A great and innovative product.

  11. Isabel

    Bought this for my boyfriend’s birthday. He enjoyed it more than the more expensive gift I got him because Kitnetic comes in a flatpack and needs assembling, like mechano! He finds it very useful.

  12. nathan turney

    I love it! Wish I’d found it years ago! Lightweight and robust! Really works well with drying my kit and the magnets actually hold it onto the radiator! Brilliant purchase!

  13. Abi

    Sticks well to a filing cabinet near a radiator at work so I can get clothes and (at other times) towel dry. I don’t bother trying to dry shoes as they can go somewhere else so the ‘prongs’ at the top are good for socks. Ideally 1 more outward tier of hangers would be fantastic, but otherwise a really handy product.

  14. Elaine

    The product is a good concept, but while they hold to the radiator really firmly the whole unit slides down the radiator whenever I put clothing/shoes on it. I’ve used the hook to prevent it from sliding too far which works, but isn’t the planned design.

    • tim

      Hi Elaine, we state that over heating and overloading may reduce performance, but the weight distribution on the Kitnetik can make a huge difference. It can hold far more weight below the magnets than above them. So in situations where the amount of heavy winter kit might cause some sliding, where you are loading full soaking wet winter kit for example, it may be an option to hang shoes below the magnets, from the side hooks for example. The magnets rely on their strength and the friction of the rubber against the radiator to hold them in place, so water on the rubber will also affect the friction. The magnet strength will be temporarily reduced by too much heat; we recommend a radiator temperature of around 60 degrees Celsius, as higher temperatures (closer to 80 degrees Celsius) may damage expensive sports kit, so we see this as a sensible safety feature. Hopefully just loading your Kitnetik differently or turning down your radiator slightly will solve your issue.

  15. Sarah Allen

    I believe the product could be improved by a larger gap between the shoulder hangers to hang more garments easier as well as a longer drop/ bigger space gap to the straight shorts hanger to allow easier access . from Martin Allen (recipient of gift)

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