Kitnetik – Four Season Pack

This kit contains:

4 x Magnetic System

Save by buying more together. One magnetic dryer and hanger system for each season’s kit. Get the most organised sports wardrobe in your club, or just split the cost by buying with friends.

Exercise finished, Tim entered the house, wet from a little rain and sweat but glad he’d been out. He quickly throws his damp shoes on the Kitnetik and sticks it to the radiator before putting the rest of his kit in the washing machine. A warm shower later and freshly washed kit is hung up on the Kitnetik too, drying out. He’d all but forgotten about it until he was asked to put it away, which takes seconds, as he picks the whole lot up and hangs it in the wardrobe, keeping it all together ready for next time.


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What does this product do?

This product does two main jobs, both of them save you time:

It keeps your sports kit together whilst you’re not wearing it, so you don’t loose it and have to waste time looking for that lost glove in the morning rush to get out the door.

It dries all of your kit on the unit, attached magnetically to a radiator our hung anywhere you like; outside for example. It saves you time by being able to pick the whole lot up as one and store it away in a wardrobe or hung on a hook on the back of a door, wherever you could hang a coat hanger.

The magnets on the rear of the unit allow for quick and easy attachment and detachment from metal (steel) surfaces, typically radiators. Mounting to a warm radiator allows efficient drying of the kit, with the aluminium construction conducting heat inside shoes and gloves to help dry them out.

We admit, it’s hard to get excited about drying and storing sports kit, it’s the boring part of your active life. Do less boring stuff, make the boring stuff easier and quicker to do. That’s what this product is really about. No more “Have you seen my gloves anywhere?” questions in the morning rush to get outside, and no more “Can you put your bloody kit away!” orders.

Will it fit in my wardrobe?

If you have a normal sized wardrobe, that fits normal coat hangers with clothes on then yes. The shoes (or socks if you have very dirty shoes) on the top section would sit above any other garments in the wardrobe. The hook height is adjustable to allow the shoes to fit if there is not much height above the bar. The overall width of the unit with shoes attached is similar to a normal coat hanger, so width should be fine too.

Product features

The following video explains many of the product features:

With spaces for shoes, socks, tops, shorts, tights, four hooks and some horizontal sections it’s got most things covered. Shoe covers, sports bras, heart rate straps (without the electronics on a radiator), yeah it’s got spaces for pretty much everything.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 44 × 33 × 16 cm


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