How do you use yours?

Hi, I’m Tim, the designer behind Kitnetik.

and this is how I use my Kitnetik magnetic system:

My passion is cycling, and big cycling adventures are my main motivation, whether it’s trying out a new route in the Peak District, a sportive, or a multi day tour across several countries, it’s the reason I stay fit and motivated year round, as the fitter I am the easier it is to enjoy the adventure.

Here’s a photo from 2017’s bike trip through Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Slovenia, Austria and Italy:

Photo of Soca River Slovenia

My most ridden route would be my route to the office and back, I cycle this pretty much every weekday, and 90% of the time on my fixed wheel bike, as it is fun to ride and a real challenge up the hills and in headwinds. It’s over 10 miles each way, so I get pretty sweaty as well as having to contend with whatever the weather can throw at me.

I use three Kitnetik magnetic systems. Two at home and one at work to dry my kit. The main one at home stays attached to the radiator during the week, but is quickly hidden away in the wardrobe on the weekend or if we have guests round for dinner. If the kit is still wet when guests come round, I quickly move the whole lot to the radiator in the spare room. So our house stays tidy with a lot less effort than without the Kitnetik. I’ve found that my old smelly commuting shoes (the smell started during a 750 mile bike tour through Norway’s Western Fjords, and they had long sweaty days and some soaking wet days) don’t smell anymore, as they get dried out everyday so I guess the bacteria that cause the smell can’t survive.

In the office at work we don’t have central heating, so the only radiators are the electric oil filled type. If I’ve had a thorough soaking on the way to work I’ll attach my kit to one of these. If my kit is just damp from sweat, light drizzle or road spray, then hanging the Kitnetik off a hook in a heated room or in front of a dehumidifier ensures it is dry before I head home again. It’s useful that I can pick up the whole lot to carry it to a changing room.

Kit drying from a torrential downpour on the morning commute to the office

The third one is mainly in the wardrobe at home. With most of my winter commuting done in the dark, when it finally get to the weekend and I get to cycle in sunlight I find I wear kit for slightly warmer weather. So I keep this set of thinner gloves, thinner jersey, cap (one that doesn’t cover my ears like my winter commuting one), shoes without shoe covers, shorts and leg warmers all ready for weekend action; ready for that early morning rush to get out the door. It’s amazing how much time I used to waste looking for lost bits of kit (especially stuff I hadn’t seen for a week), now I just get up and get out. When I return from my weekend ride it all gets washed then dried on the Kitnetik attached to the radiator, then put away in the wardrobe all together, ready and waiting for next weekend.

Kit for the weekend warrior (It would have a top on too, I took it off for the photo)

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