Eroica Britannia, a celebration of the English summer, a festival, and a cycling event with a vintage twist. We were there to demonstrate the Kitnetik product to the cycling public.

We love Eroica Britannia, we’ve visited the event several times over the years and felt the festival was a perfect place to demonstrate and sell our British made product.

We loved demonstrating the product to people. The moment it “clicks” and people understand what the product does was great, to see peoples expressions change was such fun. We had some really funny reactions, made some new friends and secured plenty of orders. Thank you to everyone who gave us 30 seconds of your time when we waved something you didn’t understand in front of your face. I guess that’s the way when it’s a new idea, people have no idea what it is. We must have said the same thing 1000s of times:

“It’s for drying your sport kit, it’s magnetic and sticks to your radiator, once dry you pick the whole lot up and store it away; so when you need to find it at 7am on a Sunday morning you can just get up and out – It doesn’t matter who puts it away, and you don’t have arguments about hiding gloves or heart rate straps – also perfect for commuters, warm dry kit every morning in winter”.

“It’s all UK made, beautifully finished with no burrs or sharp edges, aluminium construction to conduct heat inside to help dry shoes and gloves…”

We were loved by cyclist, we were loved by cyclist’s partners, we were liked but not loved by one man with his own dedicated cycling kit drying (and kit display) room in their homes – though if you’re thinking about making one of these we may have a slightly cheaper solution to your kit drying and organising problem.

So we reached our funding goal on the crowd funding site Kickstarter.

Now we’re in full production of the first batch, ready to ship out the first of our exciting new products in December!

Production of the first batch is underway