Kitnetik – Magnetic sports kit dryer and storage

What is Kitnetik?

First of all it’s magnetic, so it can mount to radiators. It’s for drying and storing sports kit in a neat tidy and space efficient way. (non-magnetic version also available)

How will it help me?

Kitnetik can benefit most people who exercise, but here are a few core examples: 

Commuter (Cyclist/Runner)

The main problem: Commuting to work means kit gets wet from rain and sweat. Kit needs to dry before being put on again for the return journey.  

The Kitnetik solution: 

  • Dry kit in the workplace 
  • Takes up less space and hangs kit neatly
  • Magnetic mounting to radiators/filing cabinets/lockers/garage doors etc… 


Kit can be dried at work using a Kitnetik, including rain soaked shoes. It can all be hung together on the device; taking up a much smaller space than without the Kitnetik, allowing multiple commuters to use one radiator for example. All kit can be hung neatly together to dry in a suitable location, either hung from the hook by an open window, or mounted magnetically to a radiator or near an air circulation device. Dry kit can then be picked up as one at the end of the day and carried to the changing room. 

Occasional or Weekend Exercisers

The main problem: Kit hasn’t been seen for a week, bits can get separated and mixed up with other clothing. Meaning that early morning run/ride take half an hour of stomping around and swearing to find everything required before you even get started. 

The Kitnetik solution:  

  • Stay organised, save time and prevent lost items. 
  • Hang it up once, dry and store it on the same thing. 


Washed kit is hung on the Kitnetik to dry, once dry it’s stored away together as one. So when you need it again, all current kit is still together ready to go. Get up get out, no swearing required. 

Watch our product demonstration video:

Product Information

Product info – Kitnetik is a high quality UK made product. Made from powder-coated aluminium to conduct heat inside shoes and gloves to dry efficiently. Stainless steel fasteners resist sweat and water from damp sports kit. It’s designed to last, spare parts are available and all parts are serviceable.

Kitnetik is a registered design to protect the design and prevent plagiarism. Registered Community Design Number: 004398576-0001

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