Kitnetik – The magnetic sports kit dryer and storage solution

What is Kitnetik?

The idea for Kitnetik came from our sports kit cluttering up our house whilst it dried out. Our kit would be draped over radiators, hanging off door knobs and chairs. Adding to that was the fact we couldn’t find essential bits of kit in the morning rush to get out of the door.

Kitnetik magnetically mounts to radiators to dry wet sports kit (including your rain soaked shoes) all together. Once it’s dry it can be stored away in seconds keeping it all together. No more messy house, no more looking for lost kit. Less time and less effort required. A simple solution for a more efficient active life.

Kitnetik is designed to hold all the kit required for running and cycling, but can easily be applied to other sports too.

Work – The daily commute in all weathers creates rain or sweat soaked kit that needs drying out before the commute home. Dry all kit mounted neatly to a radiator, on the outside of a locker etc. A tidy solution to drying kit in the workplace.

Home – Whether it’s freshly washed, or rain soaked drying neatly together. Once dry it can be picked up all together and stored away. Whoever puts the kit away it stays together so you’ll know where to find it. No more wasting time searching, and no more arguments about that pair of missing gloves.

Product info – Kitnetik is a high quality UK made product. Made from powder-coated aluminium to conduct heat inside shoes and gloves to dry efficiently. Stainless steel fasteners resist sweat and water from damp sports kit. It’s designed to last, spare parts are available and all parts are serviceable.

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